Who are the International Players?

We are an amateur theatre group, welcoming all nationalities, presenting plays and musicals of all origins in English near Paris.

We have been active since 1981, putting on productions that cover a range of different styles—from musicals and pantomimes to serious plays and comedies.

We are an energetic, friendly group and membership is truly international with members from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden and ... France! (please forgive us if we've missed your country out or better still let us know.) We have members of all ages with a variety of talents from acting and singing to designing sets and costumes. Some have professional and/or amateur experience, but for others it is their first try at theatre work and they join the group because they are keen to learn and want to put their energy into something new.

The group rehearses and performs in the west of Paris, mainly in St Germain en Laye and Le Pecq (about 30 minutes from the centre of Paris by public transport or car), so many of the members are based in this area with many others coming from Paris. Many members have full-time jobs so rehearsals take place on weekday evenings or at weekends—as light relief after a hard day's or week's work! But for those free during the day there are plenty of creative and administrative activities in which they can participate.

We will keep you informed of new events on this website. Meanwhile, if you want to be on our mailing list or - why not? - join the International Players. Click here to find out how.

Committee members and their roles:

Tiffany Snel-Wark
VP, in charge of membership
Stephanie Campion
Georgia Gray
Community Manager
Sarah Bremner
Activities Director
Nathanael Long
Technical support

Last updated 20180223